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PRÉCIS of Havilah Bullion Bank

The conservative services provided by
the bullion banks of old, are available again…

Havilah Bullion Bank is the worlds only dedicated full reserve bullion bank.
Havilah Bullion Bank is not a currency or legal tender bank. It does not create
credit neither does it lend money at interest. It is a physical gold and silver bank
in the tradition of the Bank of Hamburg in 1619, the Bank of Amsterdam in 1609
and Banco della Piazza del Rialto of Venice in 1587.

Havilah Bullion Bank (HBB) offers its Clients the distinctive benefit of wealth stored in physical gold and silver with access to their vaulted bullion through an encrypted online account system. This system allows Clients to pay bills and settle accounts with other HBB account holders, in gold and silver, and in real time (Internal Payment). In addition, a payment/debit card which operates off the back of the vault, allows a Client to make purchases and pay bills (External Payment), or draw local currency from ATMs worldwide.

At any time a Client can take physical delivery of part or all of their private bullion
holdings in the form of LBMA bars or HBB privately minted bullion coins. Minting or barring of metal held in a Clients account is a service HBB offers to its Clients at cost
and with an open book policy. This is unique in private bullion acquisition.

Havilah Bullion Bank obtains its reward from storage and service fees….
just as the bullion banks of old did, four centuries ago.

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